February 9, 2011

Calkins Writers Workshop
Topic: Conferencing - Teacher to Student
Time: 2:00-3:10

  • Reflection: How is writers workshop going for you?
    • Take some time to jot ideas down on index cards (I will collect these to help me plan for March's inservice!)
    • Discuss in grade levels
    • Share a statement related to this question
    • What are your most important needs right now?
  • Writing Activity Writing Lesson K-2
  • About Teacher-Student Conferences
    • PPT - What are some things to consider about conferences? What are teacher responsibilities and what are student responsibilities?
    • Idea of Children's Literature as mentoring student writers Published Authors as Writing Mentors
    • Video of a Teacher-Student Conference. What is the architecture? Discuss
    • Look at student work - how might you conduct a conference about this work? Role play.